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My name is Devynn Paige. I am 17 years old. I am a woman of many talents and many moods. I love to talk so feel free to stop by my ask box. Whether it be something you need to vent about or the last episode of Doctor Who. To know more check out my about me page.


Can we just talk about how Gerard Way is living out every fangirls dream?

He loved a band (MSI)

He started his own band (MCR)

His band opened for the band he loved

His band became hugely successful

He started dating a member of his favourite band

He MARRIED a member of his favourite band (lyn-z)


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if your feminism involves policing other women, have you considered:


- not doing that
- not calling yourself a feminist

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Deep questions:

66: Assuming extraterrestrial life exists and is of equal or greater intelligence/advancement to us, would you want it to contact us or leave each other alone?

I would completely turn them away from this godforsaken planet. Unless they were smarter or more advanced and wanted to help us save what we’ve destroyed.

67: If you had one day to live and one person to spend it with, who would that person be and what would you do?

I’d spend it with my sister. We’d probably watch stupid shit, and eat anything and everything we pleased. Maybe do slightly illegal things. The works.

68: If you could choose different parents from the ones you had, would you?

Yano I always talk about how much my parents suck. It’s not so much as I want different parents, it’s just I want mine to not suck.

69: What do you suppose would happen if all the money in the world was suddenly and equally redistributed?

There would be riots from the greedy ass bitches who hoard their money.

70: You’ve discovered the cure for cancer. Do you sell it and become insanely rich, knowing that pharmaceutical companies can (and will) do anything they please with it, or do you give it away for free to ensure access to it for everyone?

I’d immediately give it out for free. You couldn’t hold me back from it. No person deserves to suffer from cancer because they can’t afford the cure.

Tell me about:

71: your parents

We have an amazing surface relationship. Get any deeper than that though and it’s shit. Dads a drunk, mom has no backbone. Kinda hate em.

72: your siblings (if any)

Zoe is my life. I’d do absolutely anything for that girl no questions asked. She’s the only one I’ve got and I love her more than anyone on earth. She’s an amazing artist and so creative. She’s perf. Love her.

73: your childhood

It was great until the whole little kid immortalized fantasy world thing died out. I guess that applies to a lot of people though. Self harm has been a big part of my childhood since middle school. Shit went down. Yea.

74: your best friend

My bestest best friends are my dogs.

75: a time you were betrayed

Every year of my life between 4th and 10th grade.

76: a time a stranger was kind to you

I get some really nice customers in my check out line, but honestly I can’t think of a specific instance.

77: your ideal date

I’d love to go to Riverside and find a quiet area to just sit down together at. Have a cute little picnic, people watch, stare at the clouds. Or maybe be surprised by a nice dinner at home, and cuddling with Netflix on.

78: one book you’d love to see made into a movie (assuming it was a good adaptation)

I would love to see Looking For Alaska or Paper Towns made into movies. Or the unwind series.

79: the last time you were pleasantly surprised

Yesterday in theatre my partner had to describe me, and she was really kind and made me feel good and whatnot.

80: the nicest thing anyone has ever said about you

I have no idea when it comes to /about me/. In tenth grade a teacher who held a lot of prestige in my school told me I saved the play. That was probably the most significant compliment I have ever received.


shut the fuck up Fox News

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I swear your the only person other than me online at 3am :P


well you see usually i watch dexter with phil at 2am but as he is not here i’m stuck in a strange limbo where i think i should be sleeping but my day needs some kind of closure 



When I was just starting high school, a girl who rode my bus invited me to stay the night at her house and when I did she got really emotional and told me no girls ever stayed over because she was a lesbian and if you don’t think that’s the saddest thing ever you need to re-evaluate your life

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id hit up barnes and noble during the purge

signs you’re a book addict #1: when you’re willing to risk being brutally murdered for free books



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